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September 10, 2010

Model search

All Things Sweet and Sassy is looking for Models to model some of our trendiest products.
If your little princess, or prince loves to dress up and take pictures this is perfect for you! All of you that are current customers and have any ALL THINGS SWEET AND SASSY products or those who want to participate, simply send us a pic of your princess,or prince in one or more of our (All Things Sweet and Sassy)products.
Please submit pics to allthingssweetandsassy@gmail.com and title them Model Contest. You as friends family, and customers, will vote for the top 3 models, the search ends November 1, 2010!
This will give you PLENTY of time to get your Ghost, princess, pumpkins, and ghouls Halloween pictures.
The winners will receive $20.00, $15.00, and $10.00 in Gift cert to use toward products,their adorable little faces will be pictured on our site and they will also receive free gifts from us here at All Things Sweet and Sassy for them to do future modeling in! We will send you the most trendy, adorable products available and ask in return you send us pictures of them in the products supplied.

Thank you!

**Please note that by submitting a picture or pictures to All Things Sweet and Sassy you are allowing us to use your picture on our site, here at (ATSAS) to promote our products. All pictures will be for the use of All Things Sweet and Sassy only. Models chosen will receive free merchandise for a limited time. Please make sure to also include their First name only and age. If you have already submitted a photo in the last 2 months the picture will automatically be entered into the contest unless I hear from you otherwise**


Hannahbellesmom said...

i am wantin to order the purple and silver bow...and still looking at other things...how do you except paymentcan i order from the facebook....not sure how to order on blog..new to blogs..i would love to put my little one in contest but this is my first order with you..nto sure if i woudl get items soon enough to enter contest....

Nicole said...

Hello, Hannahbellesmom,
The model contest ends November 1 so you will have plenty of time to get a photo in. I preffer payment through Pay Pal but will also accept ETsy listings, and Cashiers check. Email me at allthingssweetandsassy@gmail.com with your complete order and which items you want to order.
Thank you