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April 6, 2011

Now is when your purchase can make a HUGE difference!

I have a dear friend whose husband has a brain tumor (Stage 4 Gleoblastoma) and the medical bills are piling up. I was up all night trying to think of ways to help their family and decided that I will use the earnings from my business to donate 100% from ALL sales made from today til Friday to help this the Clements family.  Now is the best time ever to make a purchase from All Things Sweet and Sassy. Not only will you be receiving an adorable item, you will be helping out a wonderful family, too!

Here is a note from his wife, Nicole:

"May 15th 2010--the day that changed our lives forever. My husband called me from work saying he was sicker than a dog & was coming home. He was so confused & not making any sense whatsoever. I ended up taking him to the ER where they ran several tests. I just knew he was dehydrated & exhausted because at the time he was working 7 days a week, 12-13 hr days. No time off. After several tests the dr came in & asked me to step out of the room he needed to talk to me. That's when he uttered the words that have since changed our lives forever. "We have found a tumor on your husband's brain." They then transported Paul to UVRMC for emergency surgery. Dr. Reichman was unable to get the entire tumor because it had "feelers" & he feared he would paralyze him, or worse, kill him. The tumor was about the size of a tennis ball & located on his speech & motor skills part of the brain. Paul did treatments (radiation & chemo) throughout the summer. He has remained on chemo since June. The drs sat us down as told us the prognosis... It's a grade 4 Gleoblastoma. A few days ago we found out yet another tumor had formed & was growing very quickly. So again Paul went in for another surgery. Dr Reichman removed his entire frontal lobe this time in hopes that he got it all. He feels pretty confident & we'll find out all the info when test results come back. We have 3 amazing children. Our daughter is 10, our son 5, & our newest & last little girl is 4 months. They are the strongest most positive kids I know! We truly are so blessed! We have amazing family & friends that have been here for us this entire journey! Thank u to all of u for your prayers & words of encouragement! We love u all."

Please find it in your heart to help this young family. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, get the word out--send your friends and family to my blog so they can help, too.


If you would like to purchase ANY items please send me an email at allthingssweetandsassy@gmail.com with your order and PAY PAL address. I also accept payments through ETSY and Cashiers Checks. Please remember 100% of ALL earnings from items purchased between April 6-April 8 will be donated. I will be holding a FACEBOOK comment game later this week where 100% of proceeds will also be donated to the family as well. Date to be announced soon.

If you also would like to donate to the family. You may PLEDGIE by following this link: Click here to lend your support to: Fundraiser for Paul Clements and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

1 comment:

Stacey said...

All I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank You. And that is not enough! I know Nicole will be so grateful for all that you are doing for her!