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January 7, 2010

New valentine korker bows!!!

Just when you thought the Holidays were over! Valentines is quickly approaching. Now is the time to order your little Valentine her fun hair accessories! These sweet and sassy heart clips are perfect for any ponytail, headband, crochet hat etc.

Who doesn't love conversation hearts?!! How fun to wear them in your hair!

Krazy Korker Clips #5.50 a pair $3.00 for one



(The first three Krazy Korker clips are only available as a single item. No pairs)




I look forward to your order! Stay tuned for our valentine tutu designs!!!!!!!


Heather said...

Cute new stuff!!! Makes me wish my girls would keep stuff in their hair!

Brittany and Johnse said...

Valentines stuff just makes me happy...it must be all the PINK!

Anonymous said...

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The Fernandezs said...

I personally love your blog and I have it listed on mine and I get a good amount of traffic ;) I love all of your projects!