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December 7, 2009


The holiday season is quickly approaching. I know we are all worried about what to get the kids for Christmas. What cookies do we cook and take to the neighbors? What stores have the best Christmas deals? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the craziness of the season that we forget the real reason for the season: GIVING! A few weeks ago, All Things Sweet and Sassy was looking for a girl, or family of girls, to donate tutus and other items to. After reading a lot of tear jerking stories, we have found the family we want to help.

"Hi Nicole. Here is the story about the family that I am nominating for your contest. Jessena is a seven year old little girl. Her parents have worked with my family for a very long time. Last February, she started to have stomach pains that wouldn't get better. They did some blood work and she was diagnosed with leukemia. They took her right up to Primary Children's and started giving her chemo. She was really sick for months and ended up losing her hair. She had to stay home from school and it was very hard on both her and her family. She went into remission and was doing well. She went back to school this year and a couple of months ago, the Make A Wish Foundation came to her school and gave her and her family a free trip to Disneyland. They were getting ready to go and were super excited, when they got the news that her cancer was back and this time it was worse than before. They started her on chemo again and they are planning to do a bone marrow transplant. They were hoping that her cancer would remiss and she would be able to have the transplant soon. Last week the test results showed that her cancer was still there and was in fact worse than before the chemo, showing that her body is not responding to the chemo like they had hoped. So instead of being back in remission and getting a break before the transplant, they are keeping her in the hospital and starting another aggressive round of chemo. My heart breaks for this little girl and her parents who are very dear to my family and me. I can't even imagine how it would be to have to watch my child go through so much. Jessena was born just a few months before my oldest, Jaxon. Vicky and I worked together when we were pregnant and so this hits so close to home for me. What a horrible thing to have to deal with at anytime of year, but especially during the holidays when little children should be happy, and the parents should be worried about what Christmas gifts Santa will bring the kids, not worried about what hospital bill gets paid first. Thanks, Nicole, for hearing this story and trying to do what you can to help."

Jesenna is 7.
Her little sister is 5.

I personally know this family (however, I'm not sure they know or remember me). They are from my home town and I grew up hearing stories about this wonderful, giving family.
I know I can not give the girls and their family Disneyland but I will try my best to make their little girls feel like PRINCESSES.

If you would like to donate ANYTHING (gift cards, toys, clothing, cash, services, etc.) PLEASE DO. Christmas is ALL about giving. Let's do a little more this year and help make someone's day bright. You are more than welcome to bring donated items to my home, or we can meet up some how. Please contact me by email or phone.



All Things Sweet and Sassy has also teamed up with CHEAPSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY to donate items to another special family. Click HERE to read the family's story and find out how you can help!
Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

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